Hello World!

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@t excited to see you are back working on microblog.pub! looking great!

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@t just saw this https://git.sr.ht/~tsileo/microblog.pub/commit/59af633

does this mean when you follow a an actor your server has never seen you will get the most recent posts loaded in for interaction?

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@liaizon@social.wake.st yes exactly.

It also help filling up the stream when you just start an instance and the inbox/the stream is completely empty.

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@t was this hard to implement? you are the first I have seen to do this but it seems like such an obvious feature that I never understood why other platforms don't have it. Could you have a button on the bottom of someones internal profile that was like 'load another 10 older posts locally'?

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@liaizon@social.wake.st It wasn't hard to implement, but it is not going to work with every instances, as some softwares only show the collection size, or limit the number of activities in the outbox.

Theoretically a "load more older posts" could be implemented, but I think at this point, it's easier to just copy/paste the URL and do a lookup to interact with an older post.

And for microblogpub at least, when interacting with a "never-seen-before" object, it will be saved to the inbox before performing any interactions.